Legal Services Offered in Calgary

Family is an integral part of society and the building block of every nation. Unfortunately, family feuds are quite rampant and some of these often result in the breakup of families. If you are a victim of these things and are facing an impending divorce, you need experienced legal experts to guide you through the process. Luckily, these are numerous law firms that are known to offer a vast range of legal services at very affordable fees.

Legal Services in Calgary

If you are a resident of Calgary, you will find various reputable law firms that are highly specialized in offering expert legal services on matters concerning family law. Their highly qualified legal personnel have a lot of experience in handling different legal issues. Whether you are searching for a seasoned custody lawyer or divorce lawyer in Calgary, these firms will be of great help. Their services cover:

  1. Child Access

If children are involved in any divorce process, this usually poses a challenging scenario for parents. In situations where one parent has been granted full custody of the children, the other parent is also granted permission to visit the children. Luckily, these firms can provide you with a seasoned access lawyer who will help you to balance childcare, as well as child access in a way that will suit you, your children and even your partner.

  1. Arbitration services

Court litigation is usually lengthy and costly. If you need an alternative, these firms can also offer you arbitration. They have qualified arbitrators who will guide you through this relatively fast, cost-effective and reliable alternative to the court process.

  1. Child Support

These firms offer legal advice and guidance on the best ways to handle child support. Their lawyers are able to expertly calculate the amount the paying parent ought to pay in accordance with the child support guidelines. Ideally, the paying parent may also be required to cater for a number of other expenses.



  1. Cohabitation and Prenuptial Agreements

It is always advisable to plan on a separation beforehand. And that is why it is extremely critical to clearly state the obligations you have towards your partner, whether financial or otherwise, while you are in a relationship. If you require these services, these firms can help. They can help you prepare the pre-nups, hence avoiding unwarranted misunderstandings in the event of a divorce or separation.

  1. Collaborative Law

If you need an alternative to the divorce court process, these firms can be of great help. They normally offer the option of collaborative divorce, which fully relies on cooperation between both parties and their lawyers. In this case, the divorcing parties mutually agree on a number of issues including child support, access, and spousal support without having to go through the court process. The aim is to safeguard the well-being of the family.

  1. Child Custody

If you are looking for a good custody lawyer to help you navigate your child custody issues, these firms can also help with this. The legal experts at these firms can help you understand the complicated aspects of custody. For instance, they can help you together with your spouse to mitigate joint or sole custody issues, and also help with setting up visitation plans, access plans, and solving issues regarding changes in arrangements.

These firms are also known to offer professional legal assistance in matters concerning division of property, divorce, mediation, restraining orders, as well as spousal support. Whether you are looking for a seasoned custody lawyer or divorce lawyer in Calgary to help you navigate family law issues, these firms can help.


Legal Services in Sault Ste. Marie

Whether you are purchasing a property, engaging in a business deal, planning your estate or you have just been wrongfully dismissed from work, you are bound to require professional legal assistance at some point. The best part is that there are numerous law firms that are renowned for providing institutions, individuals and businesses with a wide range of legal services to suit their needs. These firms are staffed with highly-skilled lawyers who have a lot of experience in their respective areas of practice.

Legal Services in Sault Ste. Marie

If you are in Sault Ste. Marie, you will find various reputable law firms that are renowned for providing unparalleled legal assistance for different types of clients. These firms boast well-trained, knowledge and friendly lawyers who will work closely with you to ensure that the best possible outcome is obtained. Whether you are looking for a seasoned tax lawyer or corporate lawyer in Sault Ste. Marie to help you navigate your legal issues, these firms can help. Some of their areas of practice include:

  1. Employment Law

These firms have experienced employment lawyers who can offer sound legal advice to their clients on matters concerning employment law. The best thing is that all these matters are handled discretely and confidentially. Their employment law services cover a range of matters, including:

  1. a) Terminations
  2. b) Labour negotiations
  3. c) Contract negotiations
  4. d) Wrongful dismissals
  5. e) Resignations
  6. f) Compliance with all the applicable employment codes
  7. g) Employment in insolvency
  8. h) Employment issues during mergers and acquisitions
  9. Corporate Law

If you are looking for a seasoned corporate lawyer in Sault Ste. Marie to help you protect all of your business interests, these companies can also help with this. They normally offer reliable corporate legal services for individuals, businesses, as well as startups. Such a lawyer will offer you detailed guidance, as well as advice on different legal aspects that affect the daily and even long-term activities of your business. They can offer you the best legal guidance on matters concerning:

  1. a) Incorporations
  2. b) Mergers
  3. c) Reorganizations
  4. d) Joint ventures
  5. e) Shareholder agreements and disputes
  6. f) Loan transactions
  7. Commercial Real Estate Law

Buying or selling a commercial property is a very huge decision with many legal implications and that is why you need a seasoned lawyer with enough experience in matters concerning real estate. Whether you have just found an ideal location for building or moving your business or you simply want to sell or purchase commercial property, these legal experts will help to ensure that the transaction is as straightforward and seamless as possible.

These firms are also renowned for providing a wide range of other legal services in many other areas of practice, including personal injury law, residential real estate, wills and estates law, environmental law, insurance law, municipal law, as well as civil and commercial litigation. The best thing is that these lawyers are quite experienced in their areas of practice and will let you know about the implications of every decision you make. Furthermore, they can also offer you unparalleled legal representation in a court of law, should the need arise. Whether you are searching for a seasoned tax lawyer or corporate lawyer in Sault Ste. Marie, these firms have you covered.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Surrey

Accidents always happen when we least expect them and some of them have the potential to completely incapacitate the victims. Unfortunately, some of these accidents are preventable as they are simply caused by other people’s negligence. If you have sustained injuries from such an accident, you can claim compensation, which may cover the medical bills, loss of income, loss of a job, and may other aspects. However, for you to get your rightful compensation, you need a seasoned personal injury lawyer by your side.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Surrey

If you are based in Surrey, you will find law firms that are renowned for helping clients that have sustained personal injuries receive their rightful compensation. These firms have professional personal injury lawyers who are interested in helping their clients to regain their footing by attaining the compensation they are entitled to. Whether you are looking for a seasoned ICBC lawyer or brain injury lawyer in Surrey, to help you with your claims, these firms can help. Their services cover:

  1. ICBC Claims

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, even as a pedestrian, you are entitled to some form of compensation, regardless of who is at fault. If you are an innocent victim, you are also entitled to ICBC claims, which comes from the insurer of the driver that is at fault. If you are looking for a seasoned ICBC lawyer to help you receive fair and reasonable compensation, these firms can help you.

  1. Brain Injury

Brain injuries are some of the most traumatizing and painful injuries and yet, some of the hardest to prove. Furthermore, they can also affect all facets of a person’s life. If you sustained brain injuries from a car crash or any other high-impact accident and you are looking for a renowned brain injury lawyer in Surrey to help you fight a brain injury case, these firms can help, as they have seasoned lawyers with experience in these areas.

  1. Concussion and Head Injury

If you have experienced any form of head injury, it is critical for you to seek appropriate medical care and start rehabilitation immediately. Luckily, these firms can provide you with a seasoned lawyer who will handle all the legal aspects of the case, hence giving you ample time to get proper medical care.

  1. Loss of Life & Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one from the actions of a careless driver, you may want to seek compensation. If you lost a parent, spouse, child or any other member of the family and you are looking for an experienced lawyer to help you fight the case and receive your rightful compensation, these firms can provide you with a seasoned lawyer who can help.

These firms have also specialized in providing reliable legal services for matters concerning hit and run accidents, bicycle accidents, boat accidents and injuries, bus and taxi accidents, bone fractures and injuries, as well as motorcycle accidents and injuries. Furthermore, their friendly lawyers will work very closely with you in order to help you get the compensation you deserve. So, whether you are looking for a reputable ICBC lawyer or a brain injury lawyer in Surrey who can help you win your personal injury case, these firms can help.


Issues to See a Lawyer About in Port Elgin

Sometimes in life there are times when you just have to see a lawyer. Most of the time, you have a pretty good idea of whether you’re going to need the help of a qualified lawyer or not. The issues that may spur you to consult an attorney may vary, but we’ve put together some situations where you will need to see a lawyer.

Read on to find out when it’s time to consult an attorney. Whether it’s a personal injury lawyer or employment lawyer in Port Elgin, you can never have too much legal aid. We’ve put together some of the more mainstream reasons why you might need to see a lawyer and when you probably should, so check them out below and see if any of them match up to your current situation.

Issues to See a Lawyer About

– Getting divorced.

Getting divorced can not only be tough emotionally, it can also really be tough legally and financially, as most people who’ve gone through a divorce will know. Unfortunately, most divorces do not go smoothly. If you are looking for your divorce to be the one that somehow holds it together the most while you’re going through this process, you may want to lower your expectations. Separating and dividing assets has a way of bringing out the worst in people. Being divorced is never fun, but if you’re going to do it then make sure you are well represented.

– Employment issues.

Consult an employment lawyer in Port Elgin if you need some insight on an employment situation. They have plenty of experience in this field and will have the answers to all your questions. Whether you need to talk to an employment lawyer in Port Elgin about a current or past situation, make an appointment to speak to someone today and you’ll be able to get some insight as to what your options are.

– Personal injury situations.

See a personal injury lawyer when you have been involved in an incident where negligence was at play. If you are the victim of an injury that could be clearly deemed someone else’s fault, then you may be able to get compensation. A personal injury lawyer will know exactly what you are talking about and can even help you to determine whether you have a case. They have a lot of experience in this field and will help you determine whether your case is strong enough to go ahead and file a suit over. They will then walk you through everything, help you file, and do their best to represent you in court and win that money.

– Tenant law.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant living somewhere, it never hurts to brush up on tenant law if you’re in a sticky legal situation. Tenants do have rights, so if you have questions about being a tenant or issues with your tenant, an attorney is the person to ask about these things.

– Business concerns.

Every once in a while, people have business concerns that they need to consult a lawyer about. Because so much about business involves legal aspects, contracts, and money, consulting an attorney happens on a regular basis for many small business owners. Whether it’s a simple question about an issue or some advice, seeing a lawyer can help make everything clear.

Hiring a Good Criminal Lawyer in Thornhill

If you are accused of a crime, it is crucial to find the best criminal lawyer to represent you. However, finding a good criminal lawyer in Thornhill is not always as simple as most people tend to think. Flipping through the phone book in the hope of finding a good lawyer is not only tiring, but also does not guarantee the desired results. The following tips will assist you to choose the best criminal lawyer to handle your case.

Make a list of potential candidates

Begin the process by making a list of the potential candidates. You can use the Internet to search for some of the best lawyers in Thornhill. After making a list of the lawyers, visit their websites and check whether they have expertise in the particular crime of which you are being accused. You can get this information on the list of services provided on their website. Google the name of the lawyer or firm and see if there is other information about either of them. Finding other sources of information besides the lawyer’s or firm’s official website will allow you to know what other people think about them. This information can confirm whether you have selected a competent lawyer or a less than professional attorney.

The next step is to visit the site of your local newspaper and local review websites and search for the name of the firm or lawyer. This search will bring up all the articles and reviews related to the lawyer in question. Reading these search results will enable you to know whether the lawyer has a good or bad reputation. Do this for all the candidates selected and narrow down your choice to 2 or 3 lawyers.

Contact the lawyer
You can contact the lawyer via email or phone. Try to schedule an appointment with the lawyer. In some cases, getting an interview is not always easy, since most lawyers are busy with other clients. However, contacting the lawyer will help you to know more about the attorney and their staff. If you manage to get an interview, arrive on time and ask all the questions you need to know about the attorney. Do not make the mistake of discussing your case with the lawyer before hiring his/her services. You never know – the plaintiff might pick the attorney you’re speaking with if you choose not to hire their services.

Can you afford the attorney’s services?
Before hiring a criminal lawyer in Thornhill, find out what they cost. In most cases, both criminal and family lawyers are paid by the hour, while others will demand an upfront fee. These rates vary from one firm to another. Some lawyers are very affordable, while others are too expensive. The cheapest family lawyer might not be the best for your case, but this does not mean that the most expensive is the best either. Look at the experience of the lawyers and select the one that meets the needs of your particular case and budget.

Decide on the attorney to choose

After you are confident that the attorney will represent your case in the best way possible, make your choice. Your instincts are invaluable in assisting you to find a good family lawyer.

And there you have it. Choosing the best criminal attorney is not hard when you know what to look for. Thoroughly examining an attorney to know his/her history, expertise, and experience will help you to find the best criminal lawyer in Thornhill to represent you.

Law Firms in Sherwood Park

Whether you are embroiled in a dispute concerning a real estate sale, you are being accused of breaching a contract or you are involved with administering the estate of a deceased person, you are bound to need professional help from a legal expert. Fortunately, there are a number of well-established law firms that are renowned for providing a wide range of legal services for people in different situations.

Legal Services Offered by Law Firms in Sherwood Park

If you are based in Sherwood Park and are in need of legal assistance, you will come across reputable law firms that offer topnotch legal services for different residential, as well as commercial clients. Their team of seasoned lawyers is quite skilled at representing their clients in different areas of practice. So, whether you are looking for a seasoned wills lawyer or purchases lawyer in Sherwood Park to help you navigate your legal issues, these firms can help. Some of the legal services they offer include:

  1. Wills and Estate Law

Wills are extremely important when it comes to the distributing of family property, as they help you to be certain of where your treasured belongings will go when you are not around. Whether you would like to draft your new will, or revise the existing ones, these firms can provide you with a seasoned wills lawyer who will help safeguard the future of your family by preparing a comprehensive will that mirrors your plans and wishes.

  1. Real Estate Law

Purchasing or selling your home is probably one of the largest financial decisions you can ever make in your lifetime. For this reason, it is extremely important to have a qualified lawyer who will look out for your interests when attempting such a monumental transaction. Fortunately, these firms have knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who can help you determine whether a certain real estate transaction is best for you before it is finalized. If you are searching for a seasoned purchases lawyer in Sherwood Park to give you sound advice on matters concerning real estate sales and purchases, developments, leases, mortgages, zoning or tenant/landlord disputes, these firms can help.

  1. Corporate Law

For sound legal advice on matters concerning corporate law, you need the help of trustworthy corporate lawyers who are up to speed with the ever-changing business trends. This will help to ensure that the legal rights of your business are safeguarded. Fortunately, these firms are staffed with diligent corporate lawyers with a lot of experience in helping businesses, as well as individuals with a range of legal issues. The team will work very closely with you in order to provide the unparalleled legal representation that your business needs. You can trust them for professional advice on matters concerning:

  1. a) Corporate law
  2. b) Joint venture
  3. c) Corporate mergers
  4. d) Acquisitions
  5. e) Trade name use agreements and
  6. f) Partnership

These firms are also able to offer professional legal assistance on matters concerning taxation law, as well as contract law. The best thing is that their friendly staff will always endeavour to work very closely with you in order to produce the best possible outcome. So, whether you are searching for a seasoned wills lawyer or a purchases lawyer in Sherwood Park to help you navigate your legal issues, these firms can help.


Finding The Best Real Estate Lawyers in Sylvan Lake

Choosing a legal professional is a very important decision, and it can have a huge impact on the eventual success of your case. You need to find someone that you feel you can understand, but there are also a few technical qualifications that should be met. When you are looking for Sylvan Lake real estate lawyers, there are certain additional qualifications beyond what a regular legal professional should offer. While there is no guaranteed way of finding a successful lawyer, asking the following questions will enable you to find the best possible real estate attorney in your area.

How long have you been licensed to practice law? This question is one of the most basic ones, yet a surprising number of people forget to ask it. In order to become a real estate lawyer, or to be able to provide legal advice of any kind, the lawyer is required to attend law school and pass an exam known as the Bar exam. This type of exam is specific to each area, and a lawyer who wants to start practicing in another area will have to pass the relevant bar exam before he or she may practice. Asking your potential lawyer how long he or she has been licensed to practice will give you an idea of his or her overall experience, while also confirming that he or she is, in-fact, a technically qualified professional that can represent you well in court.

How long have you been a real estate attorney? Virtually, every lawyer chooses one specialty that they will follow throughout their professional career. Some may specialize in two related fields, but it is hard to find someone with more diverse expertise than that. There is a good reason for such kinds of specialty: legal precedent, an important factor in numerous court decisions. In order to keep consistency in court rulings, courts will often consider previous rulings when it comes to making decisions in present cases. Therefore, in order to support his or her claims, a real estate lawyer can reference these rulings, and use them as part of a current argument.

When looking for Sylvan Lake real estate lawyers, make sure to ask your prospective lawyers how many clients they represent at once. A small law office can quickly become overburdened if the caseload is too high. However, a larger law office could end up assigning your case to a young, inexperienced lawyer, or even a caseworker. Thus, you have to ensure that whatever size law office you pick has the right amount of staff to give you the attention you need.

If you are looking for a business lawyer then you will need to consider a number of vital aspects. Checking experience, reputation, customer service, pricing and other details are just some of the basic, yet important aspects to look at. Getting recommendations from people around you is always a good way to find the right type of attorney for your case. So, whether you are looking for a business lawyer, or a real estate lawyer, be sure to keep all these factors in mind.


Tips For Choosing A Good DUI Lawyer in Winnipeg

Being charged with a DUI offence can turn out to be a life changing event. While getting a DUI does not always mean that you are at fault, the seriousness of the charges makes choosing an experienced DUI lawyer in Winnipeg absolutely crucial. And when you choose an attorney, it is imperative to spend some time checking into his or her past experience in helping people with problems like yours. You need to ask a few simple questions before making your final decision. Here are some important questions you should ask:

Do you specialize in DUI law? You will need an attorney who specializes in DUI law and who has extensive experience in dealing with a variety of DUI cases. While some attorneys can do a little of everything, you need someone who specializes in handing DUI charges. What that means is that they should deal with DUI charges on a monthly basis. They should have adequate experience in handling the prosecution, in questioning the arresting officers, and in questioning the authenticity of blood and breath tests. If an attorney possesses zero experience in helping other clients defeat DUI charges, how will he or she be able to help you?

How much do you charge? Experience is more important than the cost, but it is also a fact that you can’t afford every lawyer. That means finding out prices in advance is very important. Just like you do not want the cheapest doctor to treat your heart, you must consider hiring a high quality DUI lawyer in Winnipeg. On the other hand, paying several thousands of dollars for a comprehensive defence could be pushing your budget. Therefore, you have to strike a balance, pay what you can actually afford and consult with multiple lawyers or law firms. Rather than considering a single attorney, or the cheapest lawyer available, be sure to look at 5-10 highly experienced lawyers, in order to make an informed decision.

How can you help in this case? You may also want to ask your prospective DUI attorney how he or she can actually help you win your case. It could be possible that the breathalyzer test was conducted improperly or incorrectly. The arresting officer might have abused your rights, like hitting you or lying to you. There could also be witnesses to an accident who might be able to explain that you had no liability. In other words, you will always have some options in terms of your DUI defence, even if it means you will be charged.

You want your attorney to help you as best he or she possibly can, but let’s face it: you might be guilty. First of all, your guilt does not mean that you deserve the full amount of charges. Second, guilt does not mean you have to plead guilty. And lastly, guilt does not mean there were no other things that happened. You always have more options that you may consider as far as a DUI defence is concerned. Thus, you are advised to address all these factors when selecting a DUI lawyer or when considering law firms.


Criminal Lawyers in Abbotsford – Find One to Best Serve You

When choosing a criminal lawyer to represent you, you are already under enough stress facing serious charges without having to deal with lawyer fees and selecting the right one from the many experts out there. But, while it can be painful, selecting a quality, experienced lawyer could be what keeps you out of jail. Not every lawyer out there that’s making big promises will offer you high quality representation. Here are some things to consider when choosing a theft lawyer in Abbotsford:

Find a Specialist

Many attorneys choose to specialise in a few specific areas, including embezzlement, theft or violent crimes. Some can be very specific, such as dealing with only assault cases, whereas others might practice in various areas. Regardless of whether you choose to go with a specialist theft lawyer in Abbotsford, or a more general criminal lawyer, they should have handled many cases that are similar to yours. Such a lawyer will be able to build a proper defence and they will have the right experience to offer you adequate representation.

Find a Successful One

There are a number of practicing attorneys available, and some for very reasonable prices, by legal standards. However, that does not mean they are essentially successful. Even if you are sure that you have an air-tight defence, you will need an attorney who can build a good, solid case for you, making it important to choose a criminal attorney who has a good track record with their clients. Ask a potential theft lawyer in Abbotsford how many cases that have won recently, what the verdicts were and the circumstances surrounding them. Ask what their overall rate of acquittals is, as well. Getting answers to these questions will help you make the most well-informed decision.

Meet All of Your Lawyers

Large law firms sometimes use a team of criminal attorneys, especially in complex cases. You should meet with and approve of all members of the team. If you are not comfortable with something, discuss with the head of the team if you would feel more comfortable with alterations to the team. This is your case, so do not be afraid to speak your mind about the people you are hiring to represent you.


It is vital that your criminal lawyer is available whenever you need them. That might mean late at night, early in the morning, or over weekends. While you will probably be charged hefty fees for contacting the lawyer during after-office hours, emergency situations can surely arise. Also, you cannot have unreasonable expectations, since the lawyer will have other cases and their personal life to attend to. But, you should expect to be able to reach your lawyer on most occasions, when it’s required.


Price is an important thing to consider when hiring a criminal lawyer to defend you. Yes, it will be costly, but rates vary from one lawyer to another, so you should do some price comparisons before hiring a lawyer. Get the price factor sorted out before you start seeking advice, since you will be charged for every minute of the lawyer’s time.

Tips For Selecting A Good Auto Accident Lawyer in South Edmonton

An auto accident lawyer is the kind of attorney you must choose if you have been injured in a car accident. Car accidents happen all the time. Some of them can be prevented, which results in fewer injuries and court trials, but some are basically inevitable. One common reason for selecting a lawyer for this purpose is when you get injured due to the negligence of a drunk driver. If an individual is driving under the influence, the individual’s abilities and reflexes are impaired. This is the main reason behind many accidents. Another common reason accidents happen is when people drive without a valid driver’s license. If an individual does not have a license, the person probably doesn’t know what they’re doing, and therefore, they shouldn’t be driving. The following are some essential things to consider when selecting an auto accident lawyer:

Getting references from your friends and family members is one of the first things you need to do when looking for an accident attorney in your area. If you know someone who has hired an auto accident attorney in the past, make them your first stop on your search. Lawyers rely heavily on word of mouth when it comes to efficient advertising. You can’t believe everything you see on a billboard, but you can usually believe what your friend tells you about their experiences.

Experience is an important aspect to look at when choosing an auto accident lawyer. You should look for someone who has been involved in legal practice for at least five years. Not only does an experienced attorney have a better working relationship with the local judges, but they are also aware of the strategies and techniques that can help you get the outcome you deserve. Thus, it is in your best interests to opt for an attorney who is highly experienced.

When looking for a slip and fall lawyer in South Edmonton, it is important to evaluate the reputation of the lawyer under consideration. Make sure to speak with a few previous clients of the attorney to learn what type of experiences they have had with the lawyer. Ask them a few simple questions to see how satisfied they are with the lawyer in question. Was he or she able to offer the right piece of advice? Is the lawyer properly qualified and licensed? Is he or she a member of professional organizations? Does the lawyer offer reasonable prices?

Do not forget to check the previous track record of the attorney you are considering. You need to look for one who has a high percentage of wins and a low percentage of losses. This is crucial because this will show how good he or she really is. The lawyer must be able to prove that the other person was at fault, and he or she must fight to get you the highest settlement possible.

With that being said, you should keep all of these aspects in mind when looking for a slip and fall lawyer in South Edmonton. These guidelines will help you to make an informed decision.