Legal Services Offered in Calgary

Family is an integral part of society and the building block of every nation. Unfortunately, family feuds are quite rampant and some of these often result in the breakup of families. If you are a victim of these things and are facing an impending divorce, you need experienced legal experts to guide you through the process. Luckily, these are numerous law firms that are known to offer a vast range of legal services at very affordable fees.

Legal Services in Calgary

If you are a resident of Calgary, you will find various reputable law firms that are highly specialized in offering expert legal services on matters concerning family law. Their highly qualified legal personnel have a lot of experience in handling different legal issues. Whether you are searching for a seasoned custody lawyer or divorce lawyer in Calgary, these firms will be of great help. Their services cover:

  1. Child Access

If children are involved in any divorce process, this usually poses a challenging scenario for parents. In situations where one parent has been granted full custody of the children, the other parent is also granted permission to visit the children. Luckily, these firms can provide you with a seasoned access lawyer who will help you to balance childcare, as well as child access in a way that will suit you, your children and even your partner.

  1. Arbitration services

Court litigation is usually lengthy and costly. If you need an alternative, these firms can also offer you arbitration. They have qualified arbitrators who will guide you through this relatively fast, cost-effective and reliable alternative to the court process.

  1. Child Support

These firms offer legal advice and guidance on the best ways to handle child support. Their lawyers are able to expertly calculate the amount the paying parent ought to pay in accordance with the child support guidelines. Ideally, the paying parent may also be required to cater for a number of other expenses.



  1. Cohabitation and Prenuptial Agreements

It is always advisable to plan on a separation beforehand. And that is why it is extremely critical to clearly state the obligations you have towards your partner, whether financial or otherwise, while you are in a relationship. If you require these services, these firms can help. They can help you prepare the pre-nups, hence avoiding unwarranted misunderstandings in the event of a divorce or separation.

  1. Collaborative Law

If you need an alternative to the divorce court process, these firms can be of great help. They normally offer the option of collaborative divorce, which fully relies on cooperation between both parties and their lawyers. In this case, the divorcing parties mutually agree on a number of issues including child support, access, and spousal support without having to go through the court process. The aim is to safeguard the well-being of the family.

  1. Child Custody

If you are looking for a good custody lawyer to help you navigate your child custody issues, these firms can also help with this. The legal experts at these firms can help you understand the complicated aspects of custody. For instance, they can help you together with your spouse to mitigate joint or sole custody issues, and also help with setting up visitation plans, access plans, and solving issues regarding changes in arrangements.

These firms are also known to offer professional legal assistance in matters concerning division of property, divorce, mediation, restraining orders, as well as spousal support. Whether you are looking for a seasoned custody lawyer or divorce lawyer in Calgary to help you navigate family law issues, these firms can help.


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