What is Family Law?

While most people know what a lawyer is, not everyone knows about family law. Family lawyers can help you understand what is going on in any situation you are going through regarding your family. A law firm in Kamloops can help you with a variety of topics. No matter what you are going through, when it regards your partner or children, they can help you out.

Read on to find out what family law addresses and what situations it may be able to help you resolve.

What is Family Law?


Yes, family law can help you with your divorce. Whether it’s looking like your divorce will be contentious or not, they will be able to help you with a number of things related to divorce, including filing, dealing with the division of assets, understanding what’s going to come next, whether your marriage can be annulled, and even dealing with post-nuptial contracts and the reasons for divorce.

Child Support

Whether you are wondering whether you’re entitled to child support or interested in whether your spouse may be asking you for child support, a lawyer will know. Child support payments can be difficult to navigate, so rely on a law firm in Kamloops to help you figure it out.

Child Neglect

Family law also deals with issues of child neglect. It may include working with social or child services to get your child back because your spouse or partner is an unfit parent, or it may involve proving you were not guilty of neglect. Abuse and neglect can be a big deal, especially when settling visitation and custody.

Child Custody

Custody of the children is a huge issue when it comes to the law and families, and it causes a lot of tension and emotion. While some parties want to do what’s best for the child, others just want to go for full custody to bother the other person or to hurt them in some way. While often the welfare of the child can really matter to the parent or step-parent, at other times it is just a way to get at the person who they are upset with. Yes, relationships can devolve and it can really get this bad.

Visitation Rights

A lawyer who specializes in family law will also be able to inform you about visitation rights and more. Visitation is how you are going to see the kids and who gets to see them when. If you are not certain whether you or your spouse is qualified to watch them without supervision, a lawyer will be able to know and help you out.

These are just some of the topics that family layers often deal with. There can be even more, like paternity, adoption, children’s rights, spousal support, premarital agreements, and more. If you are going through something and need advice or guidance, contact a law firm in Kamloops today and see what your options are. You can only benefit from getting the advice and consultation of a lawyer and they will answer any questions that you have, as they are pretty knowledgeable, so consult with a reliable family lawyer today.