Tips For Choosing A Good DUI Lawyer in Winnipeg

Being charged with a DUI offence can turn out to be a life changing event. While getting a DUI does not always mean that you are at fault, the seriousness of the charges makes choosing an experienced DUI lawyer in Winnipeg absolutely crucial. And when you choose an attorney, it is imperative to spend some time checking into his or her past experience in helping people with problems like yours. You need to ask a few simple questions before making your final decision. Here are some important questions you should ask:

Do you specialize in DUI law? You will need an attorney who specializes in DUI law and who has extensive experience in dealing with a variety of DUI cases. While some attorneys can do a little of everything, you need someone who specializes in handing DUI charges. What that means is that they should deal with DUI charges on a monthly basis. They should have adequate experience in handling the prosecution, in questioning the arresting officers, and in questioning the authenticity of blood and breath tests. If an attorney possesses zero experience in helping other clients defeat DUI charges, how will he or she be able to help you?

How much do you charge? Experience is more important than the cost, but it is also a fact that you can’t afford every lawyer. That means finding out prices in advance is very important. Just like you do not want the cheapest doctor to treat your heart, you must consider hiring a high quality DUI lawyer in Winnipeg. On the other hand, paying several thousands of dollars for a comprehensive defence could be pushing your budget. Therefore, you have to strike a balance, pay what you can actually afford and consult with multiple lawyers or law firms. Rather than considering a single attorney, or the cheapest lawyer available, be sure to look at 5-10 highly experienced lawyers, in order to make an informed decision.

How can you help in this case? You may also want to ask your prospective DUI attorney how he or she can actually help you win your case. It could be possible that the breathalyzer test was conducted improperly or incorrectly. The arresting officer might have abused your rights, like hitting you or lying to you. There could also be witnesses to an accident who might be able to explain that you had no liability. In other words, you will always have some options in terms of your DUI defence, even if it means you will be charged.

You want your attorney to help you as best he or she possibly can, but let’s face it: you might be guilty. First of all, your guilt does not mean that you deserve the full amount of charges. Second, guilt does not mean you have to plead guilty. And lastly, guilt does not mean there were no other things that happened. You always have more options that you may consider as far as a DUI defence is concerned. Thus, you are advised to address all these factors when selecting a DUI lawyer or when considering law firms.


How To Look For A DUI Lawyer in Edmonton

Do you need a criminal lawyer? If so, you may have to look for a defence attorney. They are hired when people need someone to represent them in a court of law for a DUI case. If you think you are not guilty, you have the right to hire a DUI lawyer in Edmonton to fight against the charges. However, you may want to know a few things before you choose this type of legal professional.

First of all, it is imperative for you to understand the fact that pursuing this type of legal matter is not child’s play. The law enforcement agencies carry out thorough investigations and accumulate enough evidence to ensure that the DUI offenders are given their due punishment. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a highly experienced and competent DUI lawyer for your legal representation. The lawyer should be able to start off his or her defence with a solid and strong argument. You should begin with something you are completely sure of, because all future proceedings will revolve around it. You will have a greater chance of winning the case if you hire a competent and reliable DUI lawyer in Edmonton.

In addition to that, you must ensure that your attorney is not going to try and prove that you were slightly above the limit. This is because this argument will not work in court, as the judge will not take this argument seriously. Also, to establish strong evidence against you, the law enforcement agencies use a breathalyzer. Your lawyer must look to prove that breathalyzer is not as accurate as they think it is. Moreover, he or she must also try to convince the jury that the breathalyzer is not completely reliable or dependable.

Avoid blaming the officer who arrested you and you must ensure your lawyer doesn’t either. They should not be blamed in court, as it will be pointless. If you do this, it will only raise doubts in the mind of the judge and the jury. Rather, your attorney should act smartly and question the procedures he or she followed so far. Police officers are humans after all, and they are bound to make mistakes. For example, the breathalyzer could give a wrong reading if the person burps at the time of the test.

With that said, finding the right lawyer to represent you in the court is absolutely crucial. And you ought to take a few effective steps to help you find what you are looking for.

When you need a lawyer to represent you in a case concerning impaired driving, you should be prepared to undertake an extensive level of research. First of all, you need to check the experience of the attorney you are interested in. Determine the number of years your prospective lawyer has been in practice. Also, find out which law school he or she has graduated from and what his or her area of specialization is. All of these considerations and ideas will enable you to choose the best lawyer for impaired driving.